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The Anubis Oracle deck, consisting of 35 full-colour cards, plus the accompanying
176-page guidebook with 8 divinitory spreads can be ordered online.

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Anubis is the original visionary prophet, the oracular being that moves between the worlds and dimensions in order to inform us and open the way for deeper understanding and direction. He is the shaman priest of ancient Egypt.

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This 3-card spread is used when you have the intention to enter the mystery. It is a good reading to utilize whenever you don't know what to ask. Whenever you are saying - What's up for me at this time? Where am I headed at this time? This spread is also appropriate for a first reading, as it is an opening that allows you to prepare when you know you are ready for a new level in your life, but are unsure what, how, where or when the change will occur.
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