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The Cubic Spread is a 3D-style 27-card spread, based on the (22) Major Arcana sequence as outlined by BOTA - Builders of the Adytum, and incorporated in the website botaineurope.org. The complete deck of 78 cards is used when generating a spread.

The cards' positions and sizes on the screen respond to mouse-cursor and mouse-wheel movement, so that a varying point of view can be given on the relationship between the cards. A static display is also given, with the cards optionally listed after the spread is displayed. Suggestions for methods of interpretation are given here.

The spread is based on the Cube of Space, as outlined at: www.psyche.com/psyche/cube/cube_metapsychology.html, where the summary states:
"The meaning of the Cube of Space is lost if it is not understood as a description of our own psychological reality. The space in the Cube of Space is our own psychological space and its dimensions are the psychological dimensions of our own experience. We can easily find its 'common-sense' descriptions in our own experience and verify their accuracy or usefulness for ourselves."

The diagrams provided at psyche.com - for example -->
speak for themselves....

"The three basic axes/categories of existence, life and experience are extended into the six opposing faces of self-other, future-past and feeling-thought."
[...] "The axes define flows of energy: from top to bottom, from front to back, and from left to right, symbolizing a flow from spirit to matter, from future to past, and from sensation to perception."

If you wish to receive the most from your Cubic Tarot reading, you'll first explore Psyche.com's exploration of the Metapsychology of the Cube of Space, bearing in mind that it's designed on that site to accompany 27 Major Arcana.

The Cube of Space
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