The set of pages below have been designed as a supplement to Joan Bunning’s “Learning The Tarot” course, which is based on her book Learning The Tarot, [ISBN-10: 8178220644, ISBN-13: 978-8178220642].

Joan’s website is at and has a download of her course, as a zipped file. However, it’s much, much easier to use the book than use the online course!

To supplement the course, some facilities that may help you are listed below.

On all of the spread-pages, clicking on the card image will give you the description of the card in a supplementary window, plus the actions associated with it, its opposing cards, and its reinforcing cards, as provided on Joan’s website and in her book.

  • This page gives you an auto-generated reading with a wide choice of spreads, including the four versions of the Celtic Cross that Joan outlines in her book "Learning The Tarot." Interpretations, optionally given, are as in Joan's book.
  • On the Compose page you can specify exactly which cards are to be displayed in a spread. However, no spread templates are provided as you can drag and drop the images (and resize them if you wish) into any configuration that you want. The interpretations can be as provided by Joan, or you can input your own. You can also provide card descriptors (e.g. "Crossing Card" or "Outcome.")
  • On the Specify the cards page you can choose from five different spreads, - Celtic, one, three, four, six or seven card spreads; then you can specify which cards are to be included in the spread. This can be useful if you want to print the images in a spread for looking at offline. You can also email the spread to someone else in case you want to discuss it. Again, you can choose whether or not to include interpretations.
  • You can look at large images of the cards, comparing up to four at a time, on the Compare page.
  • To have a look at all the cards (small sized for printing), use the following pages:-
          Major Arcana
          Court Cards
    To see them in greater detail, use the Compare page.
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