Here you can compose a layout/spread of your own, with up to 22 specific cards that you have picked from one of the more modern decks, using radio buttons, but you won't be able to place the crossing-card at right-angles. If you want one of the classic decks, Sola Busca, Rider-Waite/Colman-Smith, Visconti-Sforza, Marseilles, or Palladini Tarot decks, use this page, or the Compose page with the "Spread Only" option. If you aren't familiar with how to resize and position the cards, please read the Instructions before composing your layout, so that you can use this facility to the best advantage (e.g image resizing, drag-and-drop, overlaying etc.) - you can return to this page by clicking on the "This spread provided by..." link at the very top of the final page.

On this page, you specify exactly which cards are to be displayed in a spread. To compose a spread and pick cards from a deck (without knowing what the cards are), or leave the choice to "chance," use the "Compose page" page, with the spread-only option.

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  The Ancestral Path Deck created by Julia Cuccia-Watts portrays ancestors from a wide spectrum of human societies, reflecting different cultures and time periods.

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