Which Tarot Court Card Are You?

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At one time or another, most if not all of us have wondered who we are, what personality traits define us, and categorise us in relation to others. The series of statements you are about to respond to are designed to shed light on this question, and show you which of the Tarot Court Cards best represent you. This is not a professional MBTI assessment, but you may well find the result instructive. [Find out more about the MBTI ® personality-types here]

First, enter the deck you would like to be chosen from:
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Now ... before taking the assessment, settle yourself, get comfortable. Try to avoid any distractions while responding to the statements. When selecting your responses it is important to think of how you usually are, not just how you are at this moment. It is also very important to be honest with yourself.

Finally, remember this is not a test, but a private assessment to help you discover or confirm your personality preferences. There are no right or wrong, good or bad answers. Once you have taken the assessment there will be a set of links to all the different personality types at the bottom your results page.  

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